$120 and up
Air Conditioning Service

A/C service consists of checking the condition of all A/C components. Checking the charge in the system to ensure that it is at the manufacturers specification. Injecting dye and charging the system to look for leaks. May require a second visit at no charge to inspect for leaks. At that time an estimate will be written for repairs. 

$99.95 +tax

During our alignment service; the techncian test drives the vehicle, checks all suspension and steering parts for wear, checks tire pressures and wear on the tires. The technician adjusts the caster, camber, toe in and thrust angle as needed on all 4 wheels.The vehicle is then test driven to check the performance of the alignment.

$29.95 +tax
Brake Inspection

Technicians examine every part that makes up your brakes on all four tires. The technician provides a digital inspection while evaluating your calipers, pads, and rotors ( or drums) and notifies the service writer what action should be taken. The service writer will then write an estimate and give you, our customer a call. If you okay our repairs, the price of the brake inspection ($29.95) will come off your bill. 

$40 (varies)
Oil Change

When our technicians complete an oil change they are not just replacing the oil and filter on your car. They make sure to grease any greasable joints and complete a digital multi-point inspection of your vehicle. They make sure to note anything they see that is leaking or extremely rusted and check the tire pressures. They also shake down all four tires to catch any problems that may be arising. 


We also like to provide a frequent customer discount to our returning customers. If you come back and get your oil changed in 3,200 miles or less than your previous oil change we will give you $10 off. This makes the average cost of a returning customer's oil change $30-$40.

No Charge
Pick up, Drop off
If you live or work here in town (Wadsworth, OH) remember to ask if we can pick up or drop off your vehicle free of charge. This is just our way of making your vehicle repairs and maintenance easier for you!