About Us

Mobile Service & Repair Co. was originally called Mobile A/C. Mobile A/C was founded in 1995, by Frank Dannemiller out of the garage at his house. The primary focus of the company was air conditioning, specifically in transportation vehicles. As with most businesses, the focus shifted to accommodate its customers. General vehicle repair was added to the air conditioning service.  Back then, Mobile A/C really meant mobile. When required, the technicians would travel to the vehicle in need of repair. We repaired many types of vehicles like, farm tractors & combines, semi-trucks and automobiles.


In the winter of 1997, Frank took on a partner, Bill Parsons. At that time, the company name was changed to Mobile Service & Repair Co. Bill brought complimenting skills & knowledge to the company. The business then changed to working on most cars and light duty trucks.


That spring, Bill & Frank moved the company to its current location at 125 Silvercreek Rd. Wadsworth, Ohio. After opening the shop in Wadsworth the ‘mobile’ part of the business was eliminated. Sadly, two years later, Bill passed away suddenly. At that point, Frank had a choice to make, give up or push on. Not wanting to always wonder ‘what if?’, he chose to continue.


Today you will find Mobile Service & Repair Co. using state of the art equipment. They employ ASE certified technicians who work their tails off to satisfy their growing customer base.


The beginning of 2017 brings new endeavors for Mobile Service. The first major change was to our name. We will now be doing business as Silvercreek Repair (auto, truck, diesel and rv). We will be answering the phones as Silvercreek-Mobile Service for a brief time to prepare our customers for the change. The change to our name was to reflect the increasing demand of diesel work in our business, we now service most diesel vehicles and medium duty trucks. We also wanted to emphasis that we are no longer a mobile company.


The most notable change in our business would be the additions to the front and rear of our building. The front of our building will now feature a comfortable customer waiting area, and the rear will accommodate additional service bays.


The new customer waiting area will insulate the customer from the noise of the shop and provide a pleasant area to stay while repairs are being made. We have also added two larger service bays to the rear of our building. This will allow us to bring in larger vehicles and give us more space to expand our business into the diesel field. We eager to continue to grow and provide service to our community.


Thank you for your patronage.